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Our furniture not only brings timeless design and superb craftsmanship into your home, it also creates a tangible feeling of well-being in every space.

Sofas designed for living well

Jaan Living Sofa. Design: EOOS.

Transform your space, large or small, with a Walter Knoll sofa. Our designs are modular and can be configured to perfectly suit your space. Natural materials and elegant colors bring an aura of calm and well-being into your home, while superb hand-craftsmanship speaks to the lasting excellence of every piece. Each of our sofas is destined to seamlessly integrate into your living space, reflecting your individuality and values, and becoming a new favorite place to be.

Living Landscape 755 Sofa. Design: EOOS.
Muud Sofa. Design: EOOS.

Living Landscape 755 Sofa: change your perspective

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Experience life in 360 degrees with Living Landscape 755 Sofa. This design modifies a space – it not only opens up the area in front, but also behind the sofa, thus to create new perspectives. Enjoy individual moments and time together, from morning till night.

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Augmented-Reality Experience

Our sofas in your space

Place our sofas directly in your living space using augmented reality. Simply tap on the product name button to view a 3D model. With your smartphone or tablet and the help of Augmented Reality, you can place the model in your home in the location of your choice.

Muud Sofa
Living Landscape 755 Sofa

Lounge in style and comfort

A place of retreat: for reading, relaxing, or simply daydreaming. Our lounge chairs invite you to enjoy moments of ease every day, and bring harmony and well-being into your space. They are designed to stand alone as individual character pieces, or to be combined with other products to create an elegant ensemble in a lounge.

Onsa Chair. Design: Mauro Lipparini.
Sheru armchAIR. Design: EOOS.
375 Relaxchair. Design: Walter Knoll Team.

Softly upholstered Onsa Chair supports you as you lean back into its protective embrace, while the convex curves of our 375 Relaxchair mark it out as a contemporary classic. The airy charm of Sheru armchAIR meanwhile, unites minimalist, reduced design with superb seating comfort.

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Augmented-Reality Experience

Our armchairs in your space

Place our armchairs directly in your living space using augmented reality. Simply tap on the product name button to view a 3D model. With your smartphone or tablet and the help of Augmented Reality, you can place the model in your home in the location of your choice.

Onsa Chair
Sheru armchAIR

Make dining an experience

Moualla Table. Design: Neptun Ozis. Sheru chAIR. Design: EOOS.

The dining area is the heart of the home, a place to gather, to share, and to enjoy time together. Our striking and beautifully crafted table designs bring a unique aura into your living space, whether for relaxed lunch or a special dinner with loved ones. They are also the perfect place to spend time chatting, working, and catching up at any time of day.

Moualla Table. Design: Neptun Ozis. Cuoio Chair. Design: EOOS.
Seito Table. Design: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger. Liz Chair. Design: Claudio Bellini.

For every table there is the perfect chair. From the minimalist leather of Cuoio Chair and the airy upholstery of Sheru chAIR to the elegant, soft lines of Liz Chair, Walter Knoll dining chairs invite you to sit and linger, in perfect comfort every time.

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Augmented-Reality Experience

Our tables and chairs in your space

Place our dining tables and chairs directly in your living space using augmented reality. Simply tap on the product name button to view a 3D model. With your smartphone or tablet and the help of Augmented Reality, you can place the model in your home in the location of your choice.

Moualla Table and Sheru chAIR
Seito Table and Liz Chair

Experience our digital space planning services

The potential of Walter Knoll furniture is almost limitless. Each and every piece is designed to reflect your identity, and your individuality. From choosing colors and materials, to experimenting with various configurations and combinations, our experts can help you plan your living space using cutting-edge digital tools, and fill it with furniture perfectly tailored to you.

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Experience excellence with our retailers

Discover Walter Knoll furniture in person at one of our dealer retailers. Touch our natural fabrics and leathers, experience the comfort and support of our upholstery, and feel the warmth of our wood surfaces. Our expert partners will guide you through the many possibilities of each design to configure it perfectly to your living space.

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How can we assist you?

We would be delighted to support you with the planning and interior design of your home and to answer any question you have about Walter Knoll and our furniture. Please fill in your details, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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